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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Service cutting metal by Laser, high accuracy (can cut to minimum 25 µm).
Laser Type : YAG, CO2, Co2(9.35)

Materials : Aluminum, Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Acrylic, Wood

Laser Service Co., Ltd. has provided the Laser Cut services.
Laser cut has many advantage over the other method. The advantage are high-quality workpiece,
very fast servicesmore flexible, complex shapes and part nesting. Laser cut has more prices per pieces ratio when it apply to high-volume
The Laser Cutting application on the products 

- Mild steel
- Stainless steel
- Aluminum
- Copper
- Acrylic
- Wood
- Etc

 Sample Product
Technical Support Departments
customer can send us computerized drawing which compatible with Autocad and CorelDraw file format
via e-mail or paper drawing via fax or ordinary mail
If customer has artwork can fax to us or in the files format. We can handle artwork in files format send
via email per below list.