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Laser Marking

Engraving Logo, picture etc. on the material (shell, brass, woods, stone, silver, aluminum etc.) with our machine to be appropriate job.
Laser Type : Co2, YAG, Diode Pump, Green Laser

Materials : Aluminum, Brass, Plastic, Stainless, Acrylic, Silver, Anodized Aluminum, Gold, Wood

Crystal Laser Service Co., Ltd. has supplied Laser Engraving and ink mark for all kind of material surface
for souvenir, serial number, product liability, instruction plates , name plate and product identification, etc.
The Laser Engraving application on the products

- Aluminum
- Stainless Steel
- Brass
- Anodized Aluminum
- Foil
- Vinyl
- Plastic
- Polyesters
- Trophy
- Giftware’s
- Tableware
- Sticker
- Souvenir
- Tag
- Label
- Bar Code
- Etc
 Sample Product
Technical Support Departments
Customer can request through email also, our technical support will study your marking requirement,
example Logo laser engraving on spare parts in our computerized. Our technical support will submitted
marking sample. Customer will approval from the sample that submitted before production.
If customer has artwork can fax to us or in the files format. We can handle artwork in files format send
via email per below list.
~ .dxf file (ACAD)
~ .bmp file
~ vector file